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Robert Alexander Walker
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High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Robert Alexander Walker, QC (March 6, 1916 - March 28, 1989) was a lawyer and a Saskatchewan politician. First elected to the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan as the CCF member for Hanley constituency in the 1948 general election, he went on to re-election in 1952, and 1956. In 1956 he joined the cabinet of Premier Tommy Douglas as Attorney General and Provincial Secretary. He continued in those roles following his re-election in 1960. After Douglas left to lead the federal NDP in 1961, Woodrow Lloyd became premier and the first universal medical care plan in Canada was introduced. In the 1964 general election, Walker was narrowly defeated according the count on election day, but was declared elected by a judicial recount. He resigned the seat to force a byelection. He was re-elected in December 1964 and served in the CCF-NDP opposition until he was defeated in the 1967 general election. After he left the cabinet in 1964, he resumed the practice of law in Saskatoon until 1984 when he retired to Victoria, British Columbia where he died in 1989.

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