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The Top Secret Conservative Handbook

We don't have to ask whether Stephen Harper's Conservatives have a top secret manual for controlling parliament because that scandal broke years ago, unfortunately they've never released it (or anything else for that matter). Thankfully we've been able to reverse engineer the various 'White Papers' they're using to ruin things from what they've said, done, bragged about, and lorded over us. And to help you become the Ultimate Insider we've included earlier drafts and footnotes giving even more insight into the fluid state of the very modern Canadian Conservative. Now you too can know more than you should about: 'The In & Out Scandal'; 'Inserting your Member in Parliament'; and why no matter how popular Mulcair becomes, 'The Enemy of My Enemy is My NDP'. Then you'll be ready to sing along next year, when we present: THE TOP SECRET CONSERVATIVE HANDBOOK - THE MUSICAL! * * Musical subject to Parliamentary approval

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