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Managing agricultural projects in Jericho, Nort...
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The book gives an insight into DAFF's Revitalisation of the Agriculture and AgroProcessing Value Chain (RAAVC) and the National Development Plan (NDP) as a vehicle through which economic growth and job creation will be driven in South Africa. Hence this investigation into specific agricultural programmes and projects targeted at food security issues and employment in Jericho in the North West Province of South Africa. The books also consider the prerequisites for improved cooperatives - PPPs model which can improve internal controls and lessen burden on already scarce government resources. The cooperatives recommended for provision of management training, proper mentorship programmes, back-up energy source generator in case of power failure or cable theft, installation and maintenance of the fence to discourage animals destroying the vegetables, binding and PPPs contracts with clear roles and responsibilities,before any developments and funding other items. To enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of cooperatives, the book recommends that the policymakers and agencies should be encouraged to develop enough developmental programs to enhance the sustainability of the cooperatives.

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