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I Love You, But I Hate You, But I Need You: How...
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Are you or your loved one suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder? Do your mood instabilities affect your daily functioning, behavior, and relationships? Are you looking for a solution to controlling, managing, and reversing the effects of BPD?This book is about to change all that for you!The key to getting BPD under control is to recognize and accept the reality of the problem. BPD is not something that you or your loved one should be ashamed of but embraced as part of what makes someone who they are. In this book, you will learn:What Borderline Personality Disorder really isWhat to do when someone you care about has BPD  How people actually get BPD How to feel empowered and confident while having BDPHow to accept yourself positivelyHow to cope with NDP with 5 steps to balanced responses How to meet the needs of your partner effectivelyTips and advice on how to provide genuine encouragement to your partnerCommon mistakes that people makeHow to establish proper communication channels and set boundaries for your childBenefits of mastering these techniques include:Increased bonding and understanding of BPD between you and your loved oneNegating underlying negative behavior Greater belief in self Better awareness of crisis situationsBetter understanding of psychology and behaviorEnhanced emotional healthGreater self-awareness  Rebuilidng of proper relationships And much more 1. Language: English. Narrator: Gene Blake. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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